Friday, November 20, 2009

In Florida for 10 Days ONLY!

The federal government is preparing to roll out Cash For Appliances, a $300 million program offering rebates to buyers of more energy efficient appliances and other products with the Energy Star label.

The appliance-sale stimulus required individual states to submit plans to run their programs last month. Florida's Cash for Clunker Appliances program has been tentatively scheduled for 10 days in April.

Retailers would offer rebates for 20 percent off before taxes on most energy-efficient appliances from April 16-25 under the proposal submitted to the federal government by the Florida Energy & Climate Commission.

Consumers would receive an additional $75 for sending their old energy-sucking appliances to the landfill rather than reselling them.

Only federally designated Energy Star home appliances are eligible. Items covered under the state program include gas and tank-less water heaters, refrigerators, room air-conditioning units, washing machines and dishwashers.
This information was gathered from an article in the Orlando Sentinel.